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As the Indonesians say, “tidak ada jasa pengiriman yang sempurna”.

A few days back, at about 1421hrs, I contacted my brother to ask if he’s been notified by any courier network staff about the arrival and subsequent (door) delivery of the goods. He said no.

About an hour later my brother wrote back saying a guy from the courier network called, telling him that the invoice value of the goods in the parcel was way above S$400.00.

According to the Singapore Customs, “Non-dutiable and non-controlled goods imported by courier services with a total CIF value exceeding S$400 will incur GST”.

Now this means that my brother, whose mobile number I registered as my recipient’s contact number hence the reason he was called by the network courier guy regarding the invoice value of the goods, would need to go to the Customs and make a payment of the Goods and Services Tax in order for the parcel to continue to be delivered.

“So what am I supposed to do?” asked my brother.

(to be continued…)